April 13, 2021

Max Emanuel Cencic receives the Honorary Award of the Deutsche Schallplattenkritik 2021 for Classical Music

The Countertenor Max Emanuel Cencic has been awarded the Honorary Award of the Deutsche Schallplattenkritik 2021 for Classical Music. In 2020, in the midst of the corona crisis, Max Emanuel Cencic and his Bayreuth Baroque Team managed to bring his festival of baroque music in Bayreuth to the stage with an extensive program as planned and without having to cancel a single event. For this, the countertenor who’s now also the festival director was awarded the honorary prize in the “Classical” category by Deutsche Schallplattenkritik on March 11, 2021.

Following is the jury’s reasoning under the direction of Manuel Brug:

Usually, one artist receives this honorary award for his »life’s work«. In the case of Max Cencic, we are gifted with a multi talented personality. As a six-year-old, he was already a radiant boy soprano and was singing the powerful aria of the Queen of the Night. After being with the Vienna Boys’ Choir, he appeared in George Solti’s Magic Flute. Max then changed from soprano to countertenor. As such, he impresses with an extroverted personality in the most difficult roles. He also appears on many CDs that he produced himself from the start. He is director, record producer, agency owner, impresario and recently became artistic director of the Bayreuth Baroque festival. The festival takes place in the glamorously restored Margravial Opera House and is filled with da-capo arias. Here again, Max Emanuel Cencic surprises with excellence and innovation. One prize for all Cencics is more than justified!
Manuel Brug’s ceremony for Max Emanuel Cencic can be seen here.

For the remainder of the 2020/21 season, there are still some outstanding projects to come for the countertenor. These include a house debut at the Paris Opera in a new production of Dalbavie’s Le Soulier de Satin, the title role in a new production of Hasse’s Cajo Fabrizio and Rossini’s La Donna del Lago at the Festival in Saaremaa where the artist will sing the challenging role of Malcolm and stage the opera once more. In the summer of 2021, Max Emanuel Cencic will devote himself entirely to the artistic preparations for his Bayreuth Baroque festival that will take place from the 1st to the 14th September 2021. He will stage two opera productions in which he will also perform key roles.

Dear Max Emanuel,
congratulations from your Parnassus team!